North Tyneside CAB Mission Statement

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Thank You, you helped me very much and I could not have dealt with my problem alone.

Mission Statement

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The Citizens Advice service provides advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities.

It values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination.

The service aims:

  • To provide the advice people need; for the problems they face
  • To improve the policies and practices that affect people lives

The CAB service is based on 4 principles. We are:

  • Independent - we will always act in the interests of our clients, without influence from any outside bodies
  • Impartial - we don't judge our clients or make assumptions about them. Our service is open to everyone, and we treat everyone equally
  • Confidential - we don't pass on anything a client tells us - or even the fact that they've visited us - without their permission
  • Free - no-one has to pay the service we provide

Putting these principles into action enables us to provide a vital service to the people who turn to us for help each year.

Campaigning for Change

We record and monitor every enquiry brought to us by clients. We use this extensive wide-ranging information about our clients' experiences to influence policies both locally and Nationally to try to prevent similar problems happening to other people.

The information is always anonymous unless clients give permission for their names to be used.

Evidence is produced, which highlights the effects that policies have on real people and we suggest where improvements can be made, using the direct experiences of our clients